Today's Choice for Tomorrow's Future



Mrs. Kelley-Truitt

Mrs. Niznik
Assistant Principal

Mrs. Wright
Assistant Principal

Mr. AbneyPotential Specialist

Ms. Thomas
Potential Specialist


Core Values 

We will be committed to the belief that all student can learn, be successful, and achieve at the highest levels. We must ensure that we do “whatever it takes” to prepare our students for life beyond these school walls. Establishing an environment where high expectations are the norm is critical. Every stakeholder will know what is expected of them to create a culture of high student achievement. We all are expected to be the best faculty, best staff, best students, and best community members that we can be on and off campus.

We will be committed to establishing a culture where teachers, students, and the community work together and take ownership in creating and maintaining a student center learning environment of high expectations and student achievement. Collaborative time will be used for teachers to engage in continuous improvement, strengthen their practice in order to raise student achievement.

We will be committed to providing a “comfort zone” for our school community. A place where the school climate provides all students with the opportunity to be academically successful as a result of a strong foundation of support. We want students to want to learn at Carver, parents to want their children to attend Carver, teachers that want to teach at Carver, and support staff want to work at Carver. We must create an environment in which we want our own children and family members to be members of our community.

We will be committed to treating everyone fairly by respecting diversity and providing all students regardless of their social and academic history, access to the highest levels of instruction and educational opportunities available.