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FSA Testing Information for all of our Lake Live/Lake Virtual/FLVS/Home School/Private School Students

FSA Math, Civics, Science, and Algebra 1 Testing Information for our Traditional Students

FSA 2020-2021 Practice Test Guide
Visit this link: to access the Practice Tests.

COVID-19 (Safety) Testing Procedures and additional reminders:
1.       Students will be required to wear a mask/face shield during testing at all times, when social distancing is not possible, and while in the hallways. Temperature checks may be conducted for virtual students entering campus for testing.

2.       Students will be socially distanced, to the extent possible, in the testing location.

4.       Students will be required to power off their cell phones, or other electronic devices and place them in a proctor-designated space.

Click the following links for more information:
FSA 2020-2021 General Parent Info for Face to Face and Lake Live StudentsPDF download

FSA 2020-2021 Grade Level Assessment Session LengthPDF download

FSA 2020-2021 Practice LinksPDF download

FSA 2020-2021 Practice Test GuidePDF download

Lake County virtual students and parents click the link below for testing information.

Lake Virtual Testing



Testing Coordinator

Lisa Thompson