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School Historical Timeline
1876 First school for black youth on what is now St. Stephen A.M.E. Church
1886 School moves to new site where MT. Olive Progressive Baptist Church now stands
1921 Land for permanent school is purchased on Washington Street
1922 Lake County Training School opens for grades 1 through 8
1925 School expands to service grades 1 through 10
1933 First twelfth grade class graduates
1954 Grades 7 through 12 move to new Carver Heights High School on Beecher St.
1962 Johnson Junior College is added to the campus
1965 Johnson Junior College merges with LSCC
1968 School becomes Leesburg Junior High when grades 9 through 12 move to Leesburg High School
1989 School is renamed Carver Middle School





New campus is opened making Carver a county technology school


Became a Personalized Learning School


A Look at Carver Middle School's Rich Heritage

Carver Middle School has a rich and varied history for providing education to the youth of Leesburg and its surrounding communities.  To truly appreciate all that has been accomplished here on our campus; we need to go back to our schools roots.
The first school for blacks in Leesburg was formed in 1876 in a building where St. Stephen A.M.E. Church is now located.  The school was relocated several times over the next forty-five years, including buildings on the site of the MT. Olive Progressive Baptist Church, Mike Street, and Main Street.  Until in 1921, a committee led by Mrs. Catherine Minister purchased property on Washington Street in order to provide for an urgently needed permanent building for their students.  The new structure was named Lake County Training School and opened its doors in 1922.  The school had an enrollment of less than one hundred students and only five faculty members.  Over time the school grew and in 1925 it was expanded from grades 1 through 8 to grades 1 through 10.  By May of 1933 there were over three hundred students and the first twelfth grade class had its commencement ceremonies.

Under the leadership of Perman E. Williams, Lake County Training School set its sights on gaining accreditation by the Southern Association of Secondary Schools.  To accomplish this, Mr. Williams spearheaded the separation of the elementary and secondary grades.  Thirty-six acres of land was purchased on Beecher Street to house a new black high school.  1954, Carver Heights High School opened its doors to students in the seventh through twelfth grades with Mr. Williams at the helm as the first principal.

Mr. Williams went on to become the first president of Johnson Junior College.  In need of a campus, a new classroom block was added at the north end of Carver Heights's campus.  For the next three years, 1962-1965, the campus served the needs of both the seventh through twelfth grade high school students and that of college youths from the African-American community.

The Desegregation Act of 1964 saw Johnson Junior College merging with Lake Sumter Community College and relocating to a new campus.  Carver Heights High School continued to operate until 1968 when grades nine through twelve were integrated into Leesburg High School.  The seventh and eighth grades remained to form the foundation for Leesburg Junior High.  The new Junior High opened its doors on August 20, 1968 with 846 students and forty-five teachers.  The school was eventually renamed Carver Middle School in the 1980s.

As Carver Middle School continued to strive to meet the changing needs of our community, a new campus was designed to emphasize the growing role of technology in education.  In August of 2006, under the leadership of Mrs. Linda Shepherd, Carver set out on the next leg of its journey by becoming a technology school for Lake County Schools complete with brand new building, classrooms, and equipment. 

In the 2014-15 school year, under the leadership of Principal, Mollie Cunningham, Carver Middle School began the work to earn a $500,000 grant to implement Personalized Learning on its campus.  After two years of planning and researching how Personalized Learning could benefit Raider Nation, Carver was selected to Launch as a Personalized Learning school for Lake County Schools during the 2016-2017 school year.  As Carver moves forward in making learning personal for students, teachers and staff, the future looks bright and it is a great time to be a part of Raider Nation! Mrs. Cunningham retired in 2017.

For the 2017-2018 school year, Carver welcomed its new Principal, Mrs. Kinetrai Kelley-Truitt. She had served as Carver's Assistant Principal for several years prior to her new role as principal. Her seventeen years of experience in education have given her the opportunity to work with some of the most effective administrators, teachers, and students in Lake County Public Schools in a variety of capacities. She has a strong sense of commitment to the Leesburg community and experience in working in challenging educational settings. She understands the level of communication, professionalism, grit, and grace that is required for long-term success and believes that her work ethic, and instructional leadership abilities will continue to be a valuable asset to Carver Middle School.